Wesley Crawford

GREAT FALLS- On September 3 around 10 P.M. an officer was sent to the Plaza Motel after a report of a gun being used at a robbery.

The officer talked to the two victims who were in the same room.

One of the victims said he was alone inside the motel room when he heard a knock on the door.

When he opened the door he didn’t see anyone but heard people running and saw three men wearing hooded sweatshirts.

One of the unidentified men pointed a pistol at the victim, demanding they be let in or they will shoot him.

Once inside the room the robbers took the man’s phone and wallet and told the man he wasn’t leaving until the other person staying in the room got there.

When the other person arrived the men took $5,000 from him that he got from a life insurance policy and two tablets before leaving.

The other victim recognized one of the three men as Wesley Crawford and said the men targeted him because they knew about life insurance money.

Wesley Crawford has two previous convictions for burglary and was charged with aggravated burglary, robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

It is unclear about the other two men involved at this time.

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