The University of Providence opens new Medical Assistant Program

GREAT FALLS - The University of Providence is now launching a new Medical Assistant Certificate Program in the Electric City.

After discussing the medical assistant shortage in Great Falls and surrounding communities, the University of Providence and local medical facilities are teaming up to change that with their new, Medical Assistant Certificate Program.

It's a 10-month-long program that launches May 16, 2019. To apply, you only need a high school diploma.

Students will go through a series of courses, one at a time, learning the ropes of the inner workings of medical professional's jobs. After that, they'll head over to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the greater Great Falls area to do their practical training.

"It helps our healthcare systems to be able to provide better care for patients in the community, and it also helps people interested in breaking into the healthcare profession,” said Julie Edstrom, University of Providence’s, Vice President of Enrollment Management.

This program is the first of its kind for UP. If all goes well, the university will build more like this one in the near future.

The date to apply by is April 15th. Click here or call the School of Health Professions at 406-791-5258.

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