11 years after a rape in Seattle, DNA leads to charges

With over seventy-five thousand options on the web it can be hard to know just where to look.

A genetics expert from Benefis spoke with us today about what she believes people should know.

“My goal is to help individuals understand what they are getting when they take a test at home and then to know where to go if they find unexpected results.” Said Genetics Counselor Betsy Smith

Getting these at home tests have now become as easy as search, click and pay, but once you get your results in the mail, knowing what it all means becomes a different task all together.

“It’s important for individuals to understand that there is allot of variability in what they can learn from that information and it’s important that whenever you are looking for information to understand the risks and the benefits and the limitations of what you’re looking for.” Said Genetics Counselor Betsy Smith

The hope is to spread awareness and education on at home DNA testing, so if you decide to take one and receive unexpected results, you'll know what to do.


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