"When someone who wants to be competitive with me and wants to be better than me it just makes me want to show them that they can try, but they might not succeed," said Madison Davis.

"She's a beast. She's always been so athletic and just intimidating but in a good way," said Mashayla O'Malley.

The Drive To Succeed: Madison Davis Senior Standout

Madison Davis waits to field the ball on the softball diamond

Madison Davis is a senior who plays volleyball and softball for the Capital Bruins. Davis' competitive nature comes from always wanting to be on the same level as her older sister.

"I'd always strive to be better than her because I thought she was really good at softball and volleyball. I want to be as good as my sister because like because the reputation of the other girl 'Oh you're April Davis' sister…are you as good as her' so," said Davis.

Davis does want to play sports at the next level, but she also wants to make sure she sets her self up for an interesting career path.

"My career goal is to be a police officer. I've just always wanted to help people and help people that can't help themselves, and try to make the world a better place…like when I saw police officers I got that feeling in like my stomach like I want to be that person," said Davis.

"I think that job suits her very well I think it's funny…just her personality, it's hard not to like her so it's hard not to be happy for her and I think it's cool that she wants to do something like that," said O'Malley.


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