Studio Barre

Studio Barre in Great Falls has been open for business since November, and it brings a different style of working out to the community.

"We specialize in the barre workout, which is a full body workout, working every inch of your body and really creating that dancer/toned body that everyone wants" Owner Keely Baker said. 

Studio Barre is a franchise based out of San Diego. The studio in Great Falls is the 18th in the company and the second in Montana.

"It's super low impact," Baker added. "You're not jumping around, you're not running around, you are doing small isometric movements to target certain areas of your body."

It's the low impact style that made the workout extra special for Baker. She took her first barre class seven years ago. Back then she was running in college for Montana State University and had recently undergone knee surgery.

"I went to class and I was able to do the full class a month after knee surgery."

Baker was later trained to teach the course, and with the encouragement of her friends and family she opened a studio right here in Great Falls.

"It's unlike anything else that anyone has ever seen in Great Falls, it truly is a community for women and men to come to and feel comfortable."

For more information, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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