glacier park water map

Thirsty in Glacier National Park? Fill up your water bottle and reduce waste by checking around for a water bottle filling station in your area.

Glacier Park shared a Google map made by the Refill Not Landfill project with pins showing all the bottle filling stations in the Glacier area, from Kalispell to St. Mary.

Check it out here.

From the park's press release: 

Many people buy bottled water when traveling, unsure of local water quality and availability. It may seem like a sustainable option, since recycling bins are everywhere. However, recycling in the U.S. has undergone major upheaval over the past year. China banned almost all imports of American plastics waste in January 2018.

In 2017, prior to this ban, Americans used 50 billion plastic bottles and recycled only 23% of them. Now more than ever, we are searching for solutions to our plastic problem.

Would you be more likely to use a reusable water bottle in Glacier you knew exactly where you could fill it with clean water? The Refill Not Landfill project made a map of all the bottle filling stations in the Glacier area.

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