Kai Stewart

Kai Stewart Wrestles at Crosstown

It all started at just four years old when Kai Stewart's mom signed him up for wrestling, and after a move to a new state, he says he found his calling, thanks to a coach.

"I just fell in love with it. Whenever we moved to Kansas I met a really cool coach, Moses, and he completely changed my mind about it, cause at first it was for fun, then I was like 'I can do something with this,' so he really helped me out with that," said Stewart.

After making his way back to Great Falls, he began perfecting his craft on the mats.

"I don't know if I've necessarily gotten better, but I've learned how to push the pace, control my emotions, and it's like a huge difference. If you're down by five or six in a match and you still have the heart, you can come back from that, and that's probably my biggest growth," said Stewart.

As modest as he sounds, Kai has created a persona on the floor that is contagious to those around him. He says his attitude about wrestling isn't quite something he can explain, but helps him remain confident during matches.

"It's all about attitude, and if you belive in your mind that you're gonna be the best, then you're gonna be the best," said Stewart.

For now, Kai can call himself the best at the 138-pound mark because he holds the 2018 State Title.

Now in his final season as a Rustler, the senior says it's important to give back to the wrestling community. Just last Saturday he volunteered his time at the Little Guys Wrestling meet as a referee, and hopes the young guys and gals always have fun while chasing their dreams.

"Nothing is a greater feeling than getting a 'Good job bud,' from your idols really. I come here because I wanna give back, whether they wanna quit wrestling and become basketball players just make sure they enjoy their life whenever they're younger," said Stewart.

With Divisionals looming in the future, Kai says hopes to defend his State Title in just a few weeks. Following graduation, he is headed to Minot State University in North Dakota to wrestle for the Beavers while pursuing a degree in either pre-med or nursing.

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