Sayer Patton: Senior Standout

Sayer Patton lines up a 3-pointer in practice

"Sayer spends a lot of time in the gym. He spends the most time of any of the guys we got this year for sure. He's just a basketball junkie and he just is always trying to get better," said Choteau boy's basketball coach, Matt Luedtke.

Sayer Patton broke into the Bulldog's varsity rotation as a freshmen. 

"When he was a little bit younger, he hadn't developed physically yet so he had to learn how to create space and become a really good basketball player as opposed to sometimes guys are really great athletes first and then they have to learn how to be good basketball players so I would classify him as a really good basketball player who has grown into his body," said Luedtke.

Now standing 6-foot-3 and in his senior season, Patton is ready to lead the pack.

"Going a hundred percent every practice, every drill we do here, just set an example for everybody behind me, just kinda setting the tone on how it should be becasue I'm just trying to leave everything out there," said Patton.

Patton led the Dogs to a 2-0 start this weekend with 35 points against Thompson Falls on Friday and 38 against Eureka Saturday.. His aggressive style makes him one of the hardest defensive assignments in the state.

"Kind of a nightmare matchup you know, if you're too small he can shoot over you, if you're too big he can go around you and so I'm really excited for him becasue he has put in the work and he deserves a lot of success this year and I think he's gonna have it," said Luedtke.

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