Self-care techniques improving your family’s well-being

GREAT FALLS- Self-care has become the new millennial trend. A recent study shows nine out of 10 Americans practice self-care and, 84 percent of those people consider it a necessity rather than an indulgence.

Doctors said people are looking for that mind, body and emotional completeness in their life, and self-care is proven to help.

Dr. Michele Marler with Alluvion Health said self-care is any activity that someone deliberately does to maintain their physical, mental, emotional health and well-being.

Medical professionals attribute the self-care movement to a cultural shift in our world through people embracing the importance of self-empowerment, including being who you truly feel you want to be without impressing others.

"I think in the past it's always been who are you taking care of. Being caregivers to others," said Marler. "And I think it's a more modern take to take care of yourself. If you get sick, you're no good to anybody so you need to take care of yourself as well.“

Doctors said, if someone is not feeling well, always tired, not wanting to do things, or constantly getting sick, those are signs they're overdue for some self-care.

Health professionals have suggested making self-care something that brings you joy. Research shows outside activities and even caring for a pet has helped people.

Self-care can also improve the well being of parents and their children.

Doctors said, as our children are babies they do great with self-care, meaning they cry when they need to be fed and nap when tired. As they get older, parents tend to tell their child, no you can’t have that, no you can’t do this, which may make them feel like they can’t have options.

It’s why doctors added to let them have a voice in their decisions like choosing soccer versus playing the trumpet, or make dinner time the new self-care family activity.

"You say well, we are family and that's not what we're having for dinner tonight I'm sorry,” said Marler. “But maybe we can put that on the list for tomorrow night or you can have a family meeting about balanced meal planning for the week, and everybody gets to pick a night.”

Parents, doctors said it’s important to individually do your own self-care routines. If parents don’t they'll get burnt out, resulting in being tired and potentially getting sick. Doctors suggest joining a sports team, gardening, or spending time on a hobby.

The list of activities for self-care goes on and on. Doctors said it comes down to what works for you and your family.

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