Rescue Mission Thrift Store 5 Year Anniversary

GREAT FALLS - The Great Falls Rescue Mission Thrift Store has been helping different members of the community for five years now, and today people came together to give back and say thanks.

The thrift store, with help from local organizations, handed out free doughnuts and coffee as part of the celebration.

The store also marked- down all items by 75 percent.

Organizers say it was all to show appreciation to loyal customers, who have been helping people over the years through their continued support.

“Our customers poured into my life because I was in the men’s shelter going through the recovery down in the men’s shelter so our proceeds from the store help fund those meals and lights and all that kind of process,” said Store Manager, Matthew Bessette.

Bessette went on to explain how thankful he is for everyone who comes into the store, and that he's happy to be able to always give back.


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