Great Falls Rescue Mission Thrift Store

GREAT FALLS - The Rescue Mission Thrift Store donation room was closed for a few days to assess donations and make room for more.

Now, they're ready to go again, accepting donations from everyone in the Great Falls area.

 They told us a few setbacks with their forklift and an increase in donations held them up, but things are back on track for the rescue mission thrift store.

“I just wanted to say thank you to the people of Great Falls for just being so mission minded ill say and being so willing to donate to the rescue mission but um just being patient with us and when we get an influx of donations we just appreciate people you know. “Said Matthew Bessette, Store Manager.

Matthew went on to tell us about how they have some new plans in mind for improving their donation process.

One of these is adding a 'donation times' sign on the back door where people can drop items off


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