Youth Dynamics promotes Mental Health Wellness Week

Youth Dynamics in Billings is bringing attention to mental illnesses in both children and adults during Mental Health Wellness Week that runs from November 11th-15th. 

Mental Health Wellness Week comes right before the holiday season as this time of year can cause people to experience increased stress or a sense of loneliness. 

According to Youth Dynamics, 1 in 5 adults across the United States experience mental health illnesses every year while 1 in 6 kids nationwide experience mental health illnesses.

Mental Health Wellness Week is celebrated nationwide to not only raise awareness on the issue but to also try and eliminate the negative stigma that comes with mental illnesses.

Bryan Cantwell, associate clinical director at Youth Dynamics says "mental health problems are incredibly common across ages and demographics and anything you can do to help people see that you're not alone and you're not bizarre because you have a mental health problem is good."

Cantwell says past traumatic experiences during the holiday's can cause a trigger for mental illnesses.  Cantwell goes on to say that self care is the most important thing that someone can do for themselves if they begin to feel symptoms of stress or loneliness. 

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