GREAT FALLS - Students from all over the treasure state gathered at Charles M. Russel High School in Great Falls today for a weekend of debating topics and battling in wordplay to see who would come out on top. 

Students competed one on one, presenting to judges on topics focused on national and world issues.  

The students were tasked with presenting an affirmative and a negative position on their topics and then refuting the other.  

We spoke with one student who told us how he was feeling after the first four rounds of competition. 

"I'm feeling pretty good, I think I had a pretty good last round. I think I have had a pretty good amount of runs currently, I don't think I was very good on my first ones, but I think the next time after that was easy and the second and third one was pretty good and the fourth one was pretty good so I'm feeling pretty confident about it,” Said Eean Mann, 11th Grader CMR 

One judge sits in front of the students -providing feedback and scoring each student on their skills before choosing a winner.  

The event features dozens of students who presented even more styles of debate.



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