Rancher & cattle owners seeing winter weather impacts

GREAT FALLS- GREAT FALLS- It’s no doubt that many are still feeling the impacts of last year's record winter. Especially farmers and ranchers, and now that this winter is in full effect, their worries are growing.

2018 brought more snow than most could really deal with East Glacier Rancher Robin Johnson lost roughly $60,000 worth of cattle last year due to mother nature and now this year she faces a different challenge.

High winds are destroying property and knocking down trees, making a very crucial part of ranching rather difficult.

"So we’re going to go into calving without a barn if we don't get a structure built. But it was like a 90 by 120 ft. barn that just blew completely apart, and it was less than four years old."

Although the warmer temperatures have been easier on cattle, come spring Johnson says with a lack of snowpack, the lakes will be dry causing a potential drought to occur. But, she's hoping to at least get her barn back up and running.

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