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GREAT FALLS - What started as a craft project for adults with disabilities has grown into a full fledged business focused around training its clients to have the basic skills to get and maintain a job.

The organization creates custom shirts and bags to hoodies and sweats.  This is just one part to Montana Up's goal of providing the skills necessary for their clients to succeed in the work place.

Doug Mcelroy, career enhancement coordinator and Montana Up apparel department coordinator, told us what Montana Up has to provide its clients.

“One of the main functions of Montana Up is to develop skill building opportunities to get them ready for community employment,” Mcelroy said. 

This includes skills from basic computer operation, to using a heat press on clothing.

Mcelroy also said the program provides “allot of skill building opportunities that in most situations are very relative to retail.”

The jobs at Montana Up include hanging and folding shirts, jerseys and sweaters as well as printing designs onto the shirts themselves.

With the special Olympic Games on the way, business is booming for those hard at work at Montana up. 

“When somebody finds their purpose, I don’t think there is anything more exciting than that,” said Mcelroy.


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