Protest at Jack's Pet Center

GREAT FALLS – Today protesters took to the streets of downtown Great Falls seeking change at Jacks Pet Center.

The protest was completely peaceful with people from both sides debating who they felt was in the right or wrong.

“Why is this allowed to go on and not just Jacks but any pet store why is this allowed to go on Waggles in Helena was closed down so why is this one not?” said Connie and Colleen, two protesters outside of Jacks.

Store owners and workers responded to comments by saying “were a local business that supports local breeders so we are getting everything from Montana, um if you don’t like pet stores that’s fine but we have a different kind of business were everything is done right here.” Said Ellen, Matt and Lilly from Jacks Pet Center.

Jacks has been in great falls long enough to have generations of customers and supporters.

 Some of these people showing up to the protest and speaking with the protesters in defense of the pet store.

 While other community members honked in support of the protesters while driving bye.

The protest lasted several hours downtown with roughly a dozen protesters at one time.


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