President Trump's address entailing issues with human trafficking

GREAT FALLS- President Trump addressed the nation yesterday announcing the reopening of the government along with discussing why a U.S.-Mexico border wall is imperative for our country.

Folks are saying with regards to human trafficking, a wall may not fix the problem.

"Human traffickers. The victims are women and children. Maybe to a lesser extent, believe it or not, children. Women are tied up, they're bound. Duct tape put around their faces and mouths in many cases they can't even breathe,” said Trump.

Human trafficking. It's a problem across the nation, and according to multiple agencies across Montana, it's a rapidly growing problem in the Treasure State. However, Charles Headdress, the Vice Chairman for Fort Peck Tribes says no wall is going to stop this problem in places like rural Montana.

"Human trafficking they're not all taken across the border. That's ridiculous to even think that. It happens right in the United States of America. Human trafficking could be from Chicago to L.A. or Seattle, Washington,” said Headdress.

But, President Trump feels a wall will keep America as a whole safe.

"They're put in the backs of cars or vans or trucks. They don't go through your port of entry. They make a right turn going very quickly. They go into the desert areas or whatever areas you can look at. As soon as there's no protection, they make a left or right into the United States of America. There's nobody to catch them. There's nobody to find them,” said Trump.

As for Headdress, he tells me, putting a stop to human trafficking is a much larger commitment than simply building a wall.

"Human trafficking in this nation has happened for a long long time, and they're using that, I believe as an excuse or one more excuse to build a concrete wall across the southern border,” said Headdress.

Headdress tells us, he isn't opposed to solving issues sometimes borders can bring like crime and drugs, but he thinks there needs to be a better solution.

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