Rescue Mission

Imagine going through your nightly routine at work and finding what at first glance looks like a bomb.

For one person at the Great Falls Rescue Mission, this was their reality.

On Friday a worker discovered a bag in a window sill of the upstairs dormitory.

Inside the bag was something resembling an explosive.

Three red sticks were taped together with what looked like fuses connected.

That's when executive director Jim Kizer told everyone to get out.

Kizer said, “We evacuated the building and waited for police to come out and they examined the items and determined that it wasn’t a device an explosive device it was actually three flares rolled together with some electrical tape”

Kizer told us the top priority for their facility is the safety of the people who stay there as well as the workers inside. 

Police are still searching for the person who left the bag in the window sill meanwhile things are back to normal at the Rescue Mission


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