PTSD: Post traumatic Stress Disorder. It's something that impacts everyone differently. For one police officer out of Iowa it's an issue that hits very close to him.

"There's a lot of things that are being seen by these first responders and absorbed that need to be dealt with," said Officer Ron Slagle.

A report from Ruderman Family Foundation shows at least 140 police officers and 103 firefighters suffering from PTSD have lost their lives to suicide in 2017.

Slagle designed a special shoe lined with stars and stripes, in black, blue and white.

Proceeds from the sales of this shoe go to The Code 9 Project.

Deborah Ortiz, Co-founder of The Code 9 Project said, "We give them coping mechanisms, things to learn, breathing exercises." 

You can buy a pair of shoes by clicking here

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