Phillips 66 has confirmed a crude oil pipeline spilled southeast of Great Falls, near Belt, on private property on November 14.

They say personnel shut down the pipeline once the spill was discovered. Since then, the pipeline has been repaired and most of the oil has been cleaned. Phillips 66 claims there were no impacts to people, wildlife or waterways.

We also reached out to the Department of Environmental Quality for comment this is what they sent:

Here is updated information on the Belt spill:

•           DEQ continues to work with Phillips 66 on the cleanup and Phillips is complying with DEQ's cleanup requirements. DEQ will continue to oversee the work and require confirmation sampling.

•           The area impacted by the spill is approximately 4 acres.

•           The crude oil did not reach surface or groundwater.

•           Initial cleanup consisted of free product recovery, which uses vacuum technology. The ongoing cleanup consists of removal of contaminated soil.

Crews are still on the property cleaning and its not clear when they will be done. We also tried finding the land owner for comment but have not found them as of yet.

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