Pepp Talk: Empowering Montanan's To Be Their Best

Image courtesy of Katie TercekĀ 

GREAT FALLS - Having witnessed a 75-year-old woman deadlift, squat, and do pullups at her CrossFit gym, Social Media Influencer Tahnee Peppenger's outlook on an individual's capacity was affirmed. Fast forward two years, she's now the one aspiring to change how people view their abilities and quality of life through an event called Pepp Talk.

The point of this is to motivate, empower, and create an open conversation between people in Great Falls so their outlook on living here and in Montana is turned into a positive one.

On Saturday at Speaking Socially Media, you can expect positive energy surrounded by movement, nutrition, and a panel on lifestyle and wellness as Great Falls leaders join Peppenger in her mission to create an uplifting positive vibe in the city.

"Montanan's are a special breed. I think we're rather tough, but we're also stubborn. I think that's where I want to bridge this conversation, like great be stubborn in your suit in all that you want, but also be honest. That stubbornness can also be a hindrance at the same time," said Peppenger.

Tickets for Pepp Talk are on sale until tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.

You can click here for more details and to purchase a ticket.

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