GREAT FALLS - When you sit down to read a good book, what is on your must-haves for relaxing? Well for the Great Falls Library, the list includes pajamas and some furry friends.

It’s the monthly pajama story-time but tonight’s event includes some fun guests of the four-legged variety.

Doors will open at 5:45 this evening for children ages 1-12 to come and enjoy story-time with the librarians. Joining in on the fun are some of the tail waggers from canine companions for independence. The goal is to inspire learning for everyone involved.

“That barrier that’s imposed by the sense of I’m just not good at this. Were trying to break through that and support all of our kids to become great readers,” said Rae Mcfadden, Youth Services Librarian, Great Falls Public Library

Since all the dogs involved are in training to become service animals being surrounded by kids and adults in an area where everyone needs to use there inside voice provides the perfect opportunity for everyone.

“It’s more than just a vest the dog is trained to mitigate a disability and by the time they are paired with a disabled person who has them they have been trained to do something for that person who has them whether they are in a wheelchair have a seizure disorder diabetes or anything like that these dogs are trained to do more than just wear a vest and go to Walmart,” said Olivia Strauss and Daniels, Canine Companion Volunteer Trainer

Now the pajama part of the event is optional for anyone who will be attending and again it’s all going down at the great falls library starting at 5:45 tonight.

You can find a link to the event here.


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