Another name can be taken off the Montana Missing and Murdered Indigenous People's Facebook page Wednesday as one man has been found.

Koda Gardipee was last seen on May 1 before he went missing. Tonight he is home and safe with his family, but while they celebrate, there are still many people left to be found.

As of writing, 161 people are listed as missing on the Department of Justice's missing persons website, including 71 females and 90 males, with Native Americans making up 23% of this group,

Almost half of those reported missing are children, with 36 girls and 35 boys. 23 of them are native American. 

It's an issue that's at the heart of Montana’s reservations, and it's one our senators are working to put a stop to.

Just this afternoon, Senator Steve Daines pushed for the release of more information in order to solve the missing and murdered Indigenous problem in Montana.

“As I travel around Montana I speak with families who are affected by this tragic crisis," Daines said. "One of the most frustrating experiences for families is the lack of information that’s shared from federal law enforcement agencies.”

In the hearing, Daines was told that some available programs would help with information sharing between agencies and families, but that sharing is just not being done.

In a press release sent to KFBB, Daines said he will continue to push agencies to work together to give justice to these families who long for their loved ones to come home.


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