John Vincent Swan

GREAT FALLS- A man is charged after court documents say he made threats to “go on a killing spree” and saying that he is “locked and loaded.”

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, officers were dispatched to a motel after a report that John Swan was making threats.

Court documents say Swan was on parole when probation and parole officers said he made threats to “go on a killing spree” and that he said he was “locked and loaded.”

An officer knocked on the door and announced herself several times, Swan at one point asking who was at the door, the officer announcing herself again.

The officer affidavit says Swan then opened the door and walked out carrying a large machete raised in his right hand while making several small stabbing motions.

Since the officers were all in a hallway, court documents say they all drew their sidearms and commanded Swan to drop the machete.

Swan dropped the machete but refused to comply when officers ordered him to get on his knees.

The officer affidavit says that Swan presented an immediate threat to the officer’s safety because of the threats he made, the possibility of firearms, the edged weapon he had and his failure to follow the officers’ orders.

One officer then holstered their firearm and took out their taser, tasing Swan who immediately fell back into the hotel room.

Swan was then handcuffed by the officers without incident and was put in custody of probation and parole at a hospital because he hit his head on the edge of a bathroom counter when he fell back into the room.

John Vincent Swan has been charged with three counts of assault on a peace officer or judicial officer.

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