Military Weight

A study posted to indicates that one-third of American youth are ineligible for the military because of unhealthy lifestyles and rising obesity rates. This is a problem all around the country and has been felt here in Great Falls.

Sergeant First Class John Roe tells KFBB that the U.S. Army has over 150 jobs, and while they aren't all very physically demanding it's a huge part of what they do.

"I've done recruiting throughout the U.S. and it's a pretty common thing to have," Roe said. 

Before joining the military, those who apply are screened for both body fat and body percentage, and while the goal number changes depending on the person, the requirements are still not met. 

"There's a lot of America, I'm not going to speak for everyone, but sedentary lifestyle is a thing," Roe added. "I like to game, not saying gaming is bad, but some people that's all they do."

So why is a sedentary lifestyle and extra body fat a liability in the military?

"We don't want people getting injured. Weight has a lot to do with you know your knees, your ankles, and things like that, back problems, so if we keep it within these ranges we tend to have less injuries and less issues," Roe said. 

Recruiters do work with those who do not qualify, inspiring them to workout more and improve their diet. Roe says sometimes those individuals become their best and most dedicated soldiers. 

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