According to a post from the Great Falls National Weather Service, 'Ground blizzard conditions are expected to develop potentially as early as Saturday evening across the Northern Rocky Mountain Front.

The strongest winds and worst conditions are expected to occur Sunday night through the day on Monday, with widespread ground blizzard conditions resulting in significant impacts, including total roadway obstruction from blowing and drifting snow, near-zero visibility, significant disruption to everyday tasks/routines, and residents possibly being stuck in their homes for at least a day, and possibly longer.

Ground blizzard conditions may expand south and also east Sunday night through Monday as a disturbance moves across the region. A Winter Storm Watch for potential ground blizzard conditions has been issued for eastern Glacier County and the Southern Rocky Mountain Front from Sunday evening through Monday night. To the east over the remainder of the plains, we will continue to monitor for the potential for highlights for blowing and drifting snow. At the very least, all locations east of the Rocky Mountain Front should prepare for at least some blowing and drifting of snow at times through the early week period, especially Monday.'

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