North 40 announces its first ever archery league

GREAT FALLS- To kick off their grand opening, a new North 40 in Great Falls announces that they will be opening up an indoor archery league next week, which will be the first for the Electric City.

North 40 says that the process of opening up an archery league has taken about a year now. The league will consist of four member teams and will last a couple months. Employees are excited not only about adding this to the business, but also about bringing something new to the community 

Ken Stroupe, who is the archery leader, goes on to say, "I'm just excited to meet the people in the community here. I moved from Idaho to run the shop here, and so I'm just interested in meeting people that are passionate about archery".

North 40 is already anticipating this to be an annual program, but depending on the response from the community, they will be more than happy to add multiple leagues throughout the year. For more information on the league, you can visit North 40 Outfitters' website here.


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