No decision on new GFPS Superintendent, Board to do second interviews

The Great Falls School Board of Trustees held a special meeting today to talk about the future Superintendent of Great Falls Public Schools and tonight they couldn’t come to a decision.

After much deliberation and discussion the school board of trustees narrowed down 3 candidates to 2. Greg Nyen of Waupaca School District and Tom Moore, the GFPS Superintendent for grades 7-12. Trustees were split on who to pick, and it was trustee Kim Skornogoski who said the board needs more time to make such a big decision.

“I think it is important to have the opportunity to talk with both candidates again and ask proper follow up questions and come to a clear decision as a board,” said Skornogoski

The 2 candidates will be notified and be doing a Skype or conference call interview with the board. Those interviews will be open to the public and dates will be set once the candidates are informed of the board’s decision.

The school board agreed on January 24th they will host another special meeting and hopefully at the end of that one they can agree on who will be the future Superintendent of Great Falls Public Schools.

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