High Wind Speeds

Courtesy: National Weather Service 

Much of Central Montana has been under a High Wind Warning this week, as wind speeds hit 100 miles per hour in parts of Glacier National Park.

Just Thursday, Deep Creek saw a peak wind gust of 103 miles per hour. Other areas, including Browning and Waterton Gate, saw speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service predicts a calmer day Saturday, but that doesn't mean we will not see wind in the future. 

The wind can cause disruptions on the road, especially if you drive a high profile vehicle.

"If you're on a highway that is perpendicular to the wind, the crosswind can really affect the traveling and affect how much control you have on the unit," National Weather Service Meteorologist Bob Hoenisch said.

During a windy day you also want to be aware of potential property damage. This includes trees falling over and power lines going down.

KFBB Weather Forecaster

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