Lake Freezes in Glacier National Park

Image courtesy of Glacier National Park via Facebook. 

In an effort to drive more tourism to the Browning area, Members of the Blackfeet Nation are looking to designate a specific area of their land as a tribal park.

With Glacier National Park on their doorstep, millions of tourists make their way through an area that one man says is relatively unseen - and he wants to capitalize on it.

The basic idea is similar to what a national park is now. Only it would be under tribal guidance.

Ed DeRosier owns Sun Tours and already provides tours through tribal lands, but now he wants to designate that specific place on the reservation to draw in even more money for the tribe.

“We have economic development needs and those we are a depressed economy and that we are living right next door to a abundant travel and out of state tourist economy,” said DeRosier. 

With the growth of their campgrounds, guiding and hunting, the addition of a tribal park would allow for these areas to flourish even more.

DeRosier tells us this would also provide a way for the tribe to share their place in history, provide new job opportunities and protect its natural resources.

It's a project that's been years in the making and is still in the conceptual stage.

Before it can get approved, you'll get a say in it as well since it will have to go through a public comment period. 


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