martha crouch mom accused of torture puppies

(San Juan County Sheriff's Office via AP)

HAVRE – Members of the Havre community say they remember Martha and Timothy Crouch, who are accused of abusing their 15 children and killing family pets.

A report from the Associated Press says the Crouches were arrested Monday in New Mexico after their children told authorities that the couple tortured them and brutally killed their pets.

Authorities say the Crouches moved from state to state to flee accusations of child abuse.

For a few years, the family apparently lived in Montana. Members of a private Havre community group went online to share their shock and dismay at the news.

One woman posted that her grandmother used to babysit for the family back when they had 8 or 9 children, and “the parents didn’t seem like they cared much.”

Others said they remembered Timothy Crouch working at the local IGA grocery store.

One woman posted that her child attended class with one of the children, and they brought secondhand clothes and shoes to donate to the family.

We’re sending reporters to learn more and will update you on this developing story.

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