Bison walking in snow

Bison walking in the snow near Tower Junction in Yellowstone National Park

GREAT FALLS - After nearly eight years of public processing, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks have issued a decision on publicly managing bison.

Montana FWP will not be advancing a site-specific restoration program, instead, any new proposal is now going to have to follow specific guidelines focused on state law and the Environmental Impact System.

Since 2010 the public has been confused about what the process is for publicly managed bison restoration, and now FWP is fixing that confusion with a press release on what it will take for someone to get restoration proposal approved.

“We didn’t decide with a specific restoration project in mind, or a specific restoration plan in mind. We issued a decision that finally clarifies the process that someone would have to go through if they wanted to restore publicly managed bison in Montana,” said Greg Lemon, Information Bureau Chief at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Any proposal for bison restoration will have to undergo site-specific analysis and a public review process.

FWP stated they feel any restoration effort could take a considerable amount of time for even the smallest of test subjects.

FWP says the success of any bison restoration program will be dependent on who is directly or indirectly impacted by bison on their land and if you would like any more information on the release you can find the link here.


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