GREAT FALLS - If you have been spending any time near the Charles M. Russell museum lately you may have noticed some extra construction equipment and the lack of a house or two in the area.

Well, it’s all part of a massive project to improve the entire museum campus.

The goal is to make the entire C.M. Russell museum campus feel like a more immersive experience for the public. 

The project plans to bring in more landscaping to the north end where the houses have been removed and the museum even has plans to rezone the space. 

Exploring the possibility of removing 5th Ave North between 12th and 13th street to possibly add more parking, sculptures additional landscape space create a very nice and welcoming arrival for the visitors.

“The opportunity to add these lots and even the possibility of adding this street could amount to about 2.1 acres that we could bring on to our campus, so we need to be very deliberate about that and ensure that we are utilizing that space for the best purpose of our mission as a museum and for the best purpose of our visitors but at the end of the day were thrilled about it and this just doesn’t happen all that often,” said Executive Director, Tom Figarelle

This is all a part of a master plan for the museum that they hope to have completed by the Summer of 2020.


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