New Act Causing More Hassle For Elections Office

GREAT FALLS- Election season is over, but there's one act that passed, which is now leaving the elections office talking.

It's called the Montana Ballot Interference Prevention Act, and the elections office said it prohibits the collection of another individual's ballot. Since it's passed, you can now collect the ballot for a friend or relative, but when you deliver it, you must sign a registrar in their office, giving details like your personal information as well as the other person's.

The elections office said, many residents use their 24-hour drop box and drive-by, but those would have to be taken away since they now need to verify the individual dropping off their ballot. however, you can still drop off your ballot in a mailbox.

"There's a lot of people who don't trust the mail, and want to bring them here, you know, to boxes that are locked right in our building, and that won't be an option, the way I understand it," said Rina Moore, the Cascade County Clerk & Recorder.

The elections office said they haven't heard from the secretary of states office yet about whether or not it's going to be a hand or electronic form that residents will need to fill out if they choose to hand in someone else's ballot.

The election office tells me with 10,000 thousand people in a 25-day span, it would make dropping off ballots in person almost impossible to process all their mail ballots if they're constantly in-house verifying voter ID's.

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