National CenturyLInk outage affecting 911 centers

The Helena Police Department reports on their Facebook page that 911 centers in Lewis and Clark County are among the communities affected by a nationwide CenturyLink outage early this morning. 

Here is what is included in their post:

"Lewis and Clark County 911 reports that we are being affected by a nationwide CenturyLink outage early this morning. The outage is affecting 911 centers around the country and in many Montana counties.

Land lines are being affected where 911 calls are sporadically not going through. It appears all the major cellular carriers are working as they should.

We recommend people use a cell phone if at all possible if you need to call 911 and can also attempt calls to the normal non-emergency lines at 442-3233, 447-8461 or 447-8293. We can continue to update everyone as more information is available."

We're also hearing reports of a CenturyLink outage in the Missoula area.

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