Crash blocks one lane near Cartage Road and Highway 93

CASCADE COUNTY- Cascade County Sheriff’s Office released the name of the four people killed in a crash outside of Belt on September 30.

The victims were named as 51-year-old Jolinda Lee Lafranchi from Great Falls who was a driver in one of the vehicles, 25-year-old Joy Bernier from Auburn, Washington, 47-year-old Margaret Ann Firstraised from Great Falls, and 34-year-old Ryan T Scott.

Montana Highway Patrol said only two cars were involved in the crash.

Wet and intermittent icy roads are suspected to be the cause of the crash and they suspect drugs and speed were involved.

The sheriff’s office says a 2001 Ford Mustang was driving westbound on Highway 87 when the driver of the car overcorrected on an icy bridge and drove into the oncoming lane.

The Mustang then hit a 1993 Chevy Blazer on the rear diver’s side towards the front, the Mustang to rotating on its axis and driving into a burrow pit facing south.

The driver of the Mustang was wearing a seatbelt but the three passengers in the car were not.

The two injured were a 75-year-old and 61-year-old in the Chevy. Both were wearing seatbelts and they were taken to Benefis.

Montana Highway Patrol says they are still investigating.

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