MT Army National Guard wants to bridge gap with community and Guardsmen

When the men and women of the Montana National Guard aren't responding to blizzards, flood or the occasional earthquake, they are just everyday people with normal jobs. That's what Thursday's event at Fairfield High school was all about. Bridging the gap between military and the community.

Students have the opportunity to go through a 100 foot obstacle course. Just to give them a small piece of what it's like being in the military. For some, the course was a little much, but Sgt. Stephen Weber was at the top of the highest point cheering kids on. He said he wants the community to know even in scary situations, men and women in uniform are just there to help.

Sgt. Weber said, "if you see us you can still come and talk to us you can still get a helping hand we're not something scary we are here to help out."

To continue the outreach efforts, the team of 4 will be heading to Choteau tomorrow and Saturday for a big wrestling event, where they help feed and talk to the locals.

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