Montanans divided over citizenship question on 2020 census

Montanans are divided over a possible citizenship question on the 2020 census.

According to the Missoulian, senator Jon Tester and governor Steve Bullock said the question would discourage people from wanting to fill out the census.

Senator Steve Daines and representative Greg Gianforte said it makes sense to want to know how many citizens there are.

Tester says the question is a taxpayer-funded political ploy that would add millions to census costs.

Bullocks office says the question would disproportionately target under-represented communities.

Gianforte says the state should not lose federal funding or representatives because a sanctuary city or state violates the law

Daines introduced a bill last week that would include the citizenship question on all census forms.

“This is America," Daines said. "We are a sovereign nation. It's absurd that we don't know how many citizens and non-citizens are living in this country. That's why I'm introducing this bill to require a citizenship question on the census.”

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