Railroad History

Dozens of people are coming out for the Montana State fair, and while they are looking to enjoy the food and the rides, there are other things they can see.

The Montana Museum of Railroad History is open year round, but during the fair they get extra visitors due to their location at the fairgrounds.

"We get a lot of kids in here and their eyes get this big," President Dean Zook said. "We like to encourage them, you know, encourage the hobby and whatnot."

A hobby that teaches attendees so much about history.

"Well like everything in the United States, the coming of the railroad connected the state, in fact it was still a territory when the first railroads came in and connected the rest of the country," Zook said.

This year they are even featuring a gold mine and a green caboose that you can take a tour of. 

The museum started as a club back in the 60's and grew into what it is today. 

"We have people coming back year after year. I've heard numerous stories, people came in as kids and now they are bringing their kids," Zook added. Something he says is worth the hard work every year.

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