STANFORD - A horse sustained injury Saturday following a crash on MT200 involving a pickup and trailer, according to Montana Highway Patrol.

A MHP trooper who responded to the scene says she found the vehicle down a steep embankment after the driver reportedly, “took a corner too wide,” and hit a guardrail.  

The horse was standing in a river bed with a couple passerby at the time of the incident. Aside from a wound on its nose, MHP says the “strong willed” horse was otherwise okay. The trooper was able to get the horse to climb the embankment and back onto the road.

The trooper just so happened to have a bucket and grain in her patrol vehicle just in case, and was able to give the horse a treat after the whole ordeal. The horse was described as “very loving and well-tempered,” that surprised MHP staff with “how well she handled the situation.”


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