Making Sidewalks More User Friendly In Great Falls

GREAT FALLS- After $1.2 million and four months of construction, the Montana Department of Transportation said they've finished fixing over 90 curbs to make the city's sidewalks more user-friendly for everyone.

It's now easier for people with disabilities to access restaurants, shops, and schools. By doing this project, MDT said it will also make crosswalks in school areas safer for kids, and they're expecting to see more people walk around town.

"It makes travel much better for all our pedestrians. Elderly pedestrians not having to step up over curbs, and having that little bit more accessible through our intersections,” said Jim Wiengerter, the Great Falls District Construction Operations Engineer.

There are still a few finishing touches they'll be adding to this project in the spring, and MDT said you can expect to see similar projects happening over the next couple of years in Great Falls.

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