Student of the Week: GFCC Cheer

During the holidays, it's easy to lose track of the "reason for the season." But this year, a special group of athletes decided to help spread Christmas cheer around the Electric City.

"What we're doing this morning is we are helping the less fortunate in the community of Great Falls," said GFCC's Michelle McGee. "We're doing a little Christmas dinner get together so we give them turkeys and hams, whatever they need and deserts and all that."

The cheerleaders at Great Falls Central Catholic know all about teamwork: supporting each other, picking each other back up, building trust and spreading cheer. But these lessons of sport have transcended the field and court, impacting their roles as members of the community.

"It makes me feel like nice because I didn't know how like, how lucky I am to have as much as I do and then I see the people and how much people give back to the community and it makes me feel like I'm doing something," Ashley Perez.

"I feel like the reward is just knowing that you've helped people and helping them feel better about themselves and giving to the community," Kaitlynn Coombs added.

The Mustang cheerleaders were not the only ones who helped make Christmas possible for these families. Local churches, businesses and individuals all chipped in to help.

"500 families, 1300 people, so it's great. 400 kids we figure, and about 1100 presents for those kids," said Don Miller, who works at St. Vincent DePaul. 

Not all heroes wear capes as they say, and nor do all Santas wear hats, but we can always find a way to help those in need no matter the time of year.

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