Ramiro G Zapata

GREAT FALLS- A Great Falls Police officer talked to a visibly upset woman Thursday afternoon at the police station.

According to court documents when the officer talked to the woman she told him that her husband, Ramiro Zapata, assaulted her.

The woman explained that she and Zapata are going through a divorce and around 2:30 am Thursday, Zapata went to her house to talk to her.

During the conversation, the woman told Zapata that she was in a relationship with another man, court documents saying that is when Zapata got angry and started strangling her in the driveway.

According to court documents the woman had what appeared to be fresh bruising and scratches on her neck that were consistent with being strangled.

The woman also showed the officer a text message that Zapata sent her around 2:04 am saying he was outside of her house. Photos of the messages were taken and submitted as evidence.

The woman’s daughter was also talked to by an officer, court documents saying she told the officer her mother was trying to hide the marks from her, and that she was reluctant to make a report.

After talking to the woman and her daughter, the officer went to Zapata’s house to talk about the incident, asking him where he was that night.

According to court documents, Zapata initially told the officer that he was home all night and did not go to the woman’s house the night before.

When the officer confronted Zapata about the text message between him and the woman, court documents say Zapata claimed that he drove by the woman’s house, but did not stop because his in-law’s car was there.

Court documents say Zapata was being dishonest and inconsistent with his statements and was placed under arrest for partner or family member strangulation.

Before taking Zapata to the Cascade County Detention Center, the officer also talked to the man’s new girlfriend who was at Zapata’s house at the time.

According to court documents, Zapata’s girlfriend’s statement contradicted what Zapata said, Zapata’s girlfriend telling the officer that he was home with her all night, even during the incident.

After taking Zapata to the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office, the officer called the woman and asked if her parents had been at her house at all the previous night.

Court documents say the woman said her mother had been there around 7:30 pm the night before but did not stay long.

After talking to the woman the officer called her mother who said that she was at her daughter’s house from 7:30 pm to 7:40 pm and that she and the woman’s father were asleep by the time the incident occurred.

Zapata’s bond was requested to be $50,000, court documents noting that Zapata is a multi-state offender with an extensive violent criminal history and a criminal history of multiple probation violations and a warrant for failure to appear.

Ramiro G Zapata has been charged with strangulation of a partner or family member.

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