Dustin Lee Azure

GREAT FALLS- A man has been charged with a felony and several misdemeanors after he fled a police officer while being pulled over for obstructed rear tail lights.

According to court documents, around 4:30 pm on November 2 an officer saw a car driving down 9th Street South with black tinted rear tail lights and turned on his lights to pull the driver over for obstructed tail lights.

The driver of the car pulled to the side of the road and the officer got out of his patrol car and was walking up to the driver’s side window when the driver of the car quickly took off down the road.

The officer then went after the car with his emergency lights on eastbound down 4th Avenue North.

Court documents say the driver of the car was driving at about 80 miles per hour, passed another driver and ran multiple stop signs.

A registration search of the car showed it was registered to a woman who had her boyfriend, Dustin Lee Azure, listed in her local jacket.

When the officer arrived at Azure’s listed address, he found the car in a nearby parking lot and the woman who the car was registered to approached him.

Court documents say the woman told the officer that her boyfriend, Dustin Azure, was the one driving the car at the time of the incident and that he had told her he was involved in a high-speed chase with the police and he needed to leave the area.

The officer looked up Azure’s booking photo and confirmed that it was Azure that was driving the car at the time.

Dustin Lee Azure has been charged with criminal endangerment, fleeing/eluding a peace officer, reckless driving, and diving with no insurance.

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