Thomas Jay Anthony Algeo

GREAT FALLS- A Great Falls Police Department officer was dispatched to a house on the north side of Great Falls for a report of a family disturbance December 4.

When the officer arrived, court documents say the victim’s father told the officer that his daughter was assaulted by her boyfriend, Thomas Algeo.

Court documents say the victim told the officer that she and Algeo were arguing because their ten-month-old daughter fell out of her high chair and that Algeo pushed her when she tried to take the baby from him.

According to court documents, the victim’s father said he learned about the assault from his father who was out of town and saw Algeo assault the victim while watching security video from the inside of his house.

The man then called his sons and told them to go to his house.

One of the man’s sons, who lived across the street, walked into the house where the two were and told Algeo to leave, the man’s other son and father to the victim arrived after Algeo had left according to court documents.

When the officer reviewed the surveillance video, court documents say the video showed the argument began after Algeo removed the tray and unbuckled the baby from her high chair.

Algeo walked stepped away from the chair and the baby fell face-first out of the chair.

Court documents say Algeo then picked up the baby and that’s when he and the victim started arguing. Algeo put the baby on the couch, the victim sitting down for a couple minutes before standing back up with the baby as they continued to argue.

Algeo then threw a car seat on the floor before swinging at the victim, appearing to slap her before violently shoving her back, causing her to stumble while she was holding the baby according to court documents.

Court documents say that Algeo then walked towards the victim who was still holding the baby, appearing to put both his hands around her neck and shake her for a few seconds before they both entered the kitchen and were out of view of the camera.

About a minute later is when the victim’s uncle arrived and told Algeo to leave.

The officer asked the victim again what happened, the victim saying she did not remember being strangled or slapped.

Court documents say the victim took the child to the clinic to be checked out.

Thomas Jay Anthony Algeo has been charged with strangulation of a partner or family member and partner or family member assault.

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