Joshua Cade Johnson

GREAT FALLS- Officers were dispatched to a report of a disturbance on October 13 around 6:00 pm, according to court documents, dispatch informed officers that a man was strangling a woman in front of a house on 8th Avenue North.

Two officers arrived at the house and were able to restrain a man at the scene, identified as Joshua Cade Johnson, and put him in the back of a patrol car.

Court documents say Johnson was demanding to speak to a woman at the scene, and in an excited utterance, he admitted to assaulting her.

Documents also state that an officer was kicked in the chest by Johnson while they were trying to calm him down.

An officer talked to the woman on the scene and she said that Johnson had come home around 6:00 pm, came up to her and said, “We are going to die today. If I cannot have you no one will.”

The woman said she ran away from Johnson, and he caught up to her in the street, pinned her against a car and began strangling her and hitting her several times.

Court documents say Johnson assaulted the woman until a passerby came over and wrestled Johnson off of her.

The woman was also asked about a report made earlier that day by two people who work with Johnson who said they heard him yelling into his phone while at the restaurant they worked at, “I am going to come home and kill you.”

One of Johnson’s coworkers said they told him that he cannot act that way in public, especially at the place he works, and Johnson left upset.

An officer went to the house on 8th Avenue North after the coworkers made the report, and were unable to find Johnson but talked to a woman who was at the house. 

The officer talked to the woman about the phone call and court documents say she told the officer that Johnson was talking to her on the phone, but was yelling that he wanted to kill himself and not her. The woman went on to tell the officer that Johnson came home with suicidal ideations but she was able to calm him down.

At the scene of the second assault, the woman told an officer that Johnson did assault her earlier. She said that she did report the assault earlier because she didn’t believe the police could protect her 24/7 and that she believed that if she did report it, that Johnson would have killed her whenever he got out.

Documents say the woman told the officer that the first assault happened around 1:00 pm after she told Johnson she was leaving him. 

The woman said Johnson slammed the back of her head into a storage rack in the bathroom and made her crawl from the bathroom into the bedroom where he threatened to rape her.

The woman said he did not rape her, but he did spit in her face and throw glass objects around the room while telling her he should make her crawl through the glass on the floor.

She also told an officer that every time she tried to leave, Johnson would yell, “Layback down or I will kill you.”

The woman said she was able to calm Johnson down after telling him she was not going to leave him and they could work out their problems. After she said that to Johnson is when he left to go to the restaurant.

Court documents say officers also talked to another person who lived in the house, that person telling officers they were out drinking with Johnson prior to the second assault. They told an officer that the bartender at where they were drinking refused to serve Johnson any more alcohol because he was extremely intoxicated.

The other person told the officer that Johnson then got mad and jumped over the bar to try and fight the bartender.

Court documents say that because the offense has a connection to alcohol, the state requested that Johnson would have to comply with and begin alcohol monitoring or participated in the 24/7 Program prior to release.

Joshua Cade Johnson was charged with strangulation of a partner or family member, assault on a peace officer or judicial officer, aggravated kidnapping, and partner or family member assault.

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