Gibney Mug Shot

34-year-old Chad Michael Gibney allegedly drove in a stolen Ford Mustang “at a high rate of speed” around 11:40 PM. Photo courtesy of Cascade County Detention Center.

GREAT FALLS – Police arrested a man in Great Falls following a high-speed chase in the north part of town late Thursday evening.

34-year-old Chad Michael Gibney allegedly drove in a stolen Ford Mustang “at a high rate of speed” around 11:40 PM, according to Cascade County Court documents.

An officer noticed the vehicle in the 500 block of First Alley North and gave chase, before it stopped at the Loaf and Jug parking lot on 900 First Avenue North.

The officer approached Gibney as he came out of the store and ordered him to sit on the curb, but he reportedly did not comply and ran back inside in an attempt to exit through the north-facing door.

Other officers arrived on the scene and entered the store to find Gibney hiding in the store bathroom. He was taken into custody soon after without further incident.

Charging documents show that the Ford Mustang was allegedly stolen out of Washington state, and that Gibney had no insurance for it. Furthermore, he allegedly had $18,334 in cash and packages of Suboxone on his person.

Suboxone is a common drug used to treat opioid withdrawal.

But it can be abused, and it's a schedule III controlled substance, meaning its potential for abuse ranges from low to moderate, according to the AddictionCenter’s website.

Michael Gibney faces counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs, failure to carry proof of liability insurance, obstructing a peace officer or other public servant, and theft.

Gibney has already posted bond, according to court documents. 


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