Brook Thomas Flegel

GREAT FALLS- Police were called by a friend of the victim after the victim had been beaten with a golf club in her apartment Monday night around 11 P.M.

When police went to talk to the victim who was standing outside her apartment Brook Flegel walked out holding a golf club.

The victim then ran towards police and when officers asked Flegel to put down the golf club he ignored the commands, eventually putting it down and getting on his knees before being arrested and taken to the Cascade County Detention Center.

The victim told police she and Flegel had recently broken up and he showed up to her apartment and entered using a spare key without her permission.

Flegel forced the victim into her bedroom where he hit her over the head and torso with the golf club and threw her against the wall.

Medical was called for the victim but she refused any treatment.

Brook Flegel was charged with aggravated kidnapping, assault with a weapon and partner or family member assault and is being held on $50,000 bond.

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