Mann arrested in Great Falls for alleged DUI

GREAT FALLS – City police arrested a man Wednesday for allegedly driving under the influence, speeding and committing a hit-and-run.

Cascade County Court documents reveal that Chester Wendell Brown faces charges on six counts, including:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Careless driving
  • Driving while suspended/revoked
  • Failure to carry proof of liability insurance
  • Limitations on backing
  • Failure to give immediate notice of accidents by quickest means with apparent damage over $1,000

Brown had his driver’s license suspended prior to the incident. He was also on probation for DUI offenses, and had six prior DUI’s in the past, according to court documents.

Eyewitnesses say the hit-and-run occurred on 9th Street Southbound when Brown allegedly stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic before backing up and striking another vehicle, resulting in “major front-end damage,” to the victim’s car.  

An officer pulled Brown over in the 700 block of 12th St. North, after he noticed his vehicle - a maroon GMC truck - reportedly driving at nearly 40 miles-per-hour in a 25 mile-per-hour zone and failing to yield at uncontrolled intersections.

The officer described Brown as having “red glossy eyes [and] very raspy slurred speech,” and smelling of alcohol. Brown had admitted to being in a bar until 2:00 AM the night before, and failed to provide proof of insurance for his vehicle.  

When asked if Brown was involved in a crash, he denied the allegation. Brown then attempted a HGN field sobriety test at the officer’s request, but “failed to follow the stimulus as instructed,” according to court documents.  Brown reportedly declined requests to perform other maneuvers due to hip issues, and refused advisories for PAST and Implied Consent.

The officer then proceeded to seek and acquire a warrant for Brown’s blood, before Brown was taken to Benefis to draw blood.

Brown’s bail is set at $75,000, and must being active alcohol monitoring upon release from custody.


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