Carlos Leonard

GREAT FALLS- One man is now facing a laundry list of charges after police say he lead them on a high speed chase through Great Falls that only ended after he crashed into two power poles and a parked car.

It all started with a report of an assault around one O'clock in the morning of February 10th, 2019. When police arrived, they noticed a car speeding away from the scene. Some officers followed the car while others stayed on scene to talk to the victim. 

According to court documents, a woman told officers Carlos Leonard came to her apartment and threatened to kick in the door. Not wanting her property to be damaged, she felt she had no other choice than to let him in. Once inside, she noticed Leonard was drunk and out of fear for their safety, moved her kids to a neighbor's apartment. When she came back, she says Leonard became angry and began assaulting her by pulling on her hair and causing her to cut her finger.

She fled to the neighbor's apartment where she says Leonard kicked in the door, breaking both the lock and the deadbolt. The victim says he then wouldn't let her out of the apartment. 

Officers who followed the speeding car away from the scene watched it make quick turns as it tried to avoid them. When the car reached 17th St just off 16th Ave. S. the driver lost control due to the bad road conditions. The suspect car hit a power/telephone pole then hit a parked car, causing over $1,000 in damages as it fled. The chase only ended after the car hit another power pole. 

Officers made contact with the driver who they identified as Leonard and noticed he was intoxicated.

Court documents show law enforcement had been in contact with Leonard earlier that day when Motel 6 staff wanted him to be removed due to his behavior in the lobby. At that time, officers say he had consumed at least four 22-ounce beers and was very drunk so they told him not to drive.

By the time officers spoke with him after hitting the power pole, they say he was so drunk, they had to physically hold him up to keep him from falling over. He agreed to a blood sample and was taken to the hospital where he admitted to drinking and smoking weed earlier in the evening.

 He has prior convictions for partner assault or domestic battery in 2001, 2008, 2009, and 2012. Leonard is now facing the following charges:

  • Count I: Burglary
  • Count II: Partner or Family Member Assault
  • Count III: Unlawful Restraint
  • Count IV: Basic rule - 2nd/1 Yr
  • Count V: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Count VI: Basic Rule - 2nd/1 Yr
  • Count VII: Failure to Give Immediate Notice of Accidents By Quickest Means With Apparent Damage over $1,000
  • Count VIII: Duty Upon Striking Fixtures or Other Property Upon Highway

The state has requested his bond be set in the amount of $50,000.

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